Enabling eczema patients to adopt better management plan and improve quality of life.


Apply self-care routines 

Harapy helps people to identify triggers and implement better routines/environment.

Trigger Finder

Harapy algorithm is used to identify potential triggers for individuals by surveying a series of questions.

Routine Builder

Once potential triggers are identified,routines are given weekly to follow. These routines are related to habit and environment modification.

Symptom Diary

Recording symptoms increase accuracy and help distinguish correct triggers.


Learn About the

Long-term solution to


Personalized approach to eczema

There is no cure to eczema but medical treatment along with appropriate management can alleviate the symptoms.

Harapy helps users to implement helpful routines tailored to the individual patients based on their

according to individual lifestyle and  

If you have recurrent symptoms, identifying your trigger and implementing appropriate management can have a life-long impact.

Optimizing with your participation

Eczema is resulted from complex interaction between genetic, environment, skin barrier and immune system. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managenet of eczema. Your engagement increases the probability of pinpointing the correct triggers and management.


Life-changing stories by users

From chronic atopic dermatitis to contact dermatitis, Harapy wants to help!


S. Lee

Acute Atopic Dermatitis

“Now I know what my triggers are and I can manage my symptoms better”


M. Chui

Contact Dermatitis

“Simple habit change helped me avoid my trigger and healed my hand in 2 weeks”


H. Lee

Chronic Atopic Dermatitis

“After suffering 29 years from chronic atopic dermatitis, I have finally ended itching”


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